No Child left Behind! Homeschooling Resources for School Districts, Teachers and Parents

With the country on lock-down and schools closed, we realize one of the biggest challenges for school districts right now, as well as for parents and for individual teachers is continuing the education for children so they can progress and learn, even while they’re home.

As part of our Coronavirus response strategy we decided to make many of our resources available for free or for reduced costs, to help you keep your district and your students ahead of the curve!

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Prefix knowledge and understanding is crucial when developing vocabulary proficiency and reading fluency. Having a firm knowledge and understanding of prefixes allows us to unpick and decode meaning from challenging vocabulary, enabling any reader to tackle academic texts.

The Lexonik Prefix Practice series guides you through an introduction and five step process, empowering you to tutor your child in this vital life skill. The PDF downloads for the Prefix Practice program, are currently available for free, for a limited time only.

Lexonik Prefix Practice Manual – Free PDF Download

Lexonik Prefix Practice manual is a downloadable PDF, which supports you through the delivery of Prefix Practice at home. The manual includes a breakdown of each step, including suggested script to use with your child during each step.

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Lexonik Prefix Practice Cards – Free PDF Download

To deliver Prefix Practice you will need a set of Prefix Practice colored cards. They are available as a PDF download, currently FREE for you to print off and use at home.

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Having a developed and extensive vocabulary is vital to allow us to express ourselves and communicate with those around us.  However, like anything that is importantvocabulary needs to be explicitly taught and practiced.  Knowing how to develop and support a childs vocabulary can be a daunting prospect, which is where Lexonik Vocabulary Home Study is here to help. 

We have a variety of products to explicitly teach vocabulary, but via Lexonik Vocabulary Home Study you will also find a selection of fun and engaging activities that can involve the whole family. 

Download the free Vocabulary Home Study Toolkit PDF

Also watch our Vocabulary practice ideas on our YouTube Channel:

Sit back and listen to some classic children’s stories, read to you by Lexonik Founder Director Katy Parkinson. Lexonik Story is designed to be used to enable parents to enjoy the story with their child, or for a child to relax with the story independently.

Lexonik Spell district-wide online learning licence. The program  guides parents and educators through a series of activities and resources aimed at teaching learners the 12 most common spelling rules in the English Language.  Lexonik Spell comes fully resourced including PDF presentations to use as teaching prompts and a teaching manual.

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Lexonik’s renowned Leap package now remodeled for online learning at a discounted price for school districts. Katy Parkinson, Founder Director of Lexonik talks you through how to deliver effective early reading instruction. The program consists of a series of activities to support any learner who requires help to develop basic reading skills. Lexonik Leap comes fully resourced, including instructional videos and teaching manual.

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Free Webinars from Lexonik!

Choose from our variety of free webinars on vocabulary teaching and dyslexia